Post Archive by Day: September 22, 2018

AGOCO revives 16 year old well

22 September 2018 National Oil Corporation (NOC) congratulates the Arabian Gulf Operating Co (Agoco) for reviving an oil well that has stood abandoned for 16 years.  Agoco’s General Department of Production used the latest drilling techniques and Geo-Sphere mapping technology on this project developed by Schlumberger. Thanks to the efforts and dedication of the engineers, and implementation of the ‘Drilling

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Oil Market Can’t Ignore Iran

2018-09-22T09:55:33+03:30 TEHRAN (NIOC) Oil market has been experiencing special conditions in recent months. On one hand, oil prices have followed an upward trend while on the other, US President Donald Trump is imposing oil sanction on Iran and calling on OPEC countries to help his anti-Iran campaign. However, Iran’s former national representative to OPEC Javad Yarjani says Iran may not

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