Post Archive by Day: October 14, 2018

Qatar Petroleum to manage and operate Idd El-Shargi North Dome offshore oil field next year

14-October-2018 ​ Qatar Petroleum announced that it will manage and  operate the Idd El-Shargi North Dome (ISND) field following the expiry of the Development & Production Sharing Agreement (DPSA) with Occidental Petroleum of Qatar on October 6, 2019. Qatar Petroleum and Occidental Petroleum of Qatar signed the DPSA in 1994 for the management and operation of the Idd El-Shargi field

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NOC warns of lack of security at Zawiya refinery

14 October 2018 National Oil Corporation’s (NOC) board of directors has alerted the Petroleum Facilities Guard (PFG) and competent authorities regarding the recent lack of protection and security at the Zawiya refinery.  The NOC board warned that any continuation or failure to address this situation, to ensure staff and site protection and increase security, will affect ongoing operations and result

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