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Coiled Tubing Velocity String technique enhances Wafa oil field production

27 October 2018 National Oil Corporation (NOC) is pleased to announce that Mellitah Oil & Gas Co (MOGCO) has recently restored two crude oil producing wells – in spite of security challenges and logistical difficulties. After a thorough study conducted by the company’s Reservoir Engineering Department, in coordination with NOC’s Reserve Development Department, the corporation’s engineers were able to apply

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Wafa field gas compressor project nears completion

27 October 2018 Within the framework of ongoing efforts by the National Oil Corporation (NOC) to secure target quantities of natural gas, and the optimal utilization of reserves available within Wafa field NC-169, Mellitah Oil and Gas Co (MOGCO) is nearing the completion of a project to install four new gas compressors. This strategic project aims to use the new

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Imposing unilateral sanctions on others not acceptable: Rosneft’s CEO

2018-10-27 TEHRAN (NIOC) _ Chief Executive Officer of Russia’s largest oil producer Rosneft says the decision by some European companies to cut their ties with Iran under US pressure could end up hurting Europe’s economy. In a Thursday address to a forum in the Italian town of Verona, Igor Sechin slammed any unilateral sanction imposed by certain powers on other

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