Introducing Drillinginfo’s New Curves-as-a-Service Solution!

To the untrained eye, a forward curve looks like a few curvy lines on a graph. But to savvy energy and commodities traders, it looks like dollar signs. And the faster they receive that data, the faster they can make smart investing decisions and reduce risk. That’s what Drillinginfo’s new Curves-as-a-Service (CaaS) forward curve building solution delivers.

CaaS is the newest addition to our Commodity Data Solutions suite, and it’s available now.

Serving the Front-, Mid- and Back-Office

Unlike a speculative price forecast based on the past, a forward curve provides actual prices and changes in real time to reflect the latest market activity and client-defined logic. CaaS builds custom curves that solves for illiquidity, seasonality, calendars, and more, allowing traders to identify liquidity in the market.

We’re breaking down the silos that traditionally separate front-office teams and mid-office teams by enabling them to share a common set of curves with consistent data feeding into decision support systems. Traders gain the visibility they need to mark positions faster and capitalize on the opportunities they otherwise might have missed. Risk managers can identify and analyze all significant exposure across markets regionally and globally ensuring they always keep senior management informed about the exposure.

CaaS leverages the power of our award-winning MarketView Desktop platform and DataGenic CurveBuilder technology to create real-time and end-of-day curves that combine market data and business logic.

We know it is critical for our customers to analyze curves that incorporate data and methodologies from the internal and external sources that matter the most to them. This is where our depth and breadth of data sets CaaS apart from all other products in the market. Additionally, timely curve calculations including intraday are becoming more important for our customers, so the ability to deliver real time data is another key differentiator.

To ensure complete transparency, CaaS provides the details of how it calculates curves, as well as its methodology and modeling techniques, to all users from front to back office. It also addresses the need for strict access controls and other security and risk mitigation measures by offering a comprehensive and transparent audit trail to make sure any changes to the curve inputs or methodology is captured.

People Power

Our services teams have the expertise necessary to get our customers up and running quickly, and are able to provide the maintenance and monitoring post go live to help them focus on what’s most important to them. This means that no matter what their internal resourcing levels and expertise, our customers can take on as much or as little as they would like to support the solution.

We also have an unmatched global support team available 24/7 to ensure curves are produced on-time and with the highest degree of accuracy.


There are two ways to incorporate CaaS into your daily workflows. If you want the flexibility to generate curves outside of a standardized platform (i.e., ETRM/CTRM) so you can seamlessly integrate with visualization tools, analytics platforms and other downstream systems, CaaS integrates with our market leading front office solutions – MarketView Desktop and Exceltools.

Alternately, you can purchase CaaS as a standalone solution that is not part of our complete Enterprise Data Management platform.

We’re so proud to offer Curves-as-a-Service to our customers. To learn more, visit:

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