INT and Total Sign Five-Year Agreement for Data Visualization, Analysis Platform and Libraries Software

Total’s Exploration & Production’s IT teams will have access to the most widely adopted JavaScript-based data visualization technology software in Oil and Gas.

INT announced today a five-year, corporate agreement with Total® S.A. to provide all of Total’s Exploration & Production’s IT Teams with access to the latest JavaScript GeoToolkit, the industry-leading data visualization libraries for Exploration and Production. This agreement includes access to IVAAP, INT’s next-generation data visualization and analysis platform that will help Total accelerate the delivery of web and cloud-based IT solutions to geoscientists, drilling and production operations engineers around the world.

Launched in 2017, IVAAP has rapidly become one of the leading Data Visualization software platforms for digital subsurface projects deployed in the web or private cloud.

“With the growth of Big Data and IoT, the E&P industry needed a solution that would empower companies to combine and utilize vast amounts of incredibly useful, yet disparate domain data easily, in one powerful software,” said Dr. Olivier Lhemann, founder and CEO, Interactive Network Technologies. “Fortunately, our unique expertise and position in the industry allowed us to recognize and respond to this need quickly, so we developed IVAAP. Now, we’re proud to partner with Total to empower domain experts with the right digital tools they need to gain valuable, timely insights from their data.”

With this agreement, Total Exploration & Production will gain access to GeoToolkit and IVAAP’s fully extensible platform, cloud-based architecture, and comprehensive set of data connectors to current systems such as WITSML, PPDM, OSIsoft, PI, and many others.

For more information on INT’s products and services, please visit or email intinfo(at)

INT is a software provider of Data Visualization solutions and platforms with domain expertise in Upstream E&P. INT Software uses the latest technologies such as HTML5 and JavaScript to power cloud-enabled and mobile-responsive solutions.

For 30 years, INT’s visualization libraries, widgets, and frameworks have been used by the leading Oil & Gas and Service companies to empower best-in-class business applications for seismic, geoscience, well intelligence, drilling ops, utilities, manufacturing, and asset management.

April 2019
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