Senior Managed Pressure Drilling Equipment Engineer, Houston, Texas, United States


Provide support for manufacturing and production of managed pressure drilling equipment integrated with the drilling riser, below the riser load ring.


Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Utilize experience performing the following in connection with same: Mechanical Design and FEA analysis; FAT Testing; Evaluation, Analysis and Selection of Mechanical & Elastomeric subassemblies and components provided by third parties; pressure wall thickness calculation; bolt torque calculation; hydraulic seal selection and calculation; hydraulic fittings components selection and design where required; and Generation of Assembly Procedures and Operation and Maintenance Manuals. Lead mechanical design of next generation of equipment with integration of managed pressure drilling equipment integrated with the drilling riser, below the riser load ring.
  • Utilize experience performing continuous design and improvement of managed pressure drilling equipment with different configurations to suit end-user requirements, such as integrated directly with OEM drilling riser flanges, OEM Compatible drilling riser flanges, or combinations of managed pressure drilling equipment with OEM flanges / company flanges, and splittable Auxiliary lines.
  • Perform customized drilling riser interface joint design to adapt from one drilling riser connection type to another, including configuration of auxiliary lines.
  • Utilize different types of drilling riser interfaces and company risers; mechanics of offshore drilling risers to support reverse engineering when required.
  • Utilize experience performing the following in connection with same: perform inspection of riser components for crossover design, including dimensional inspection of critical dimensions for drilling riser flanges, auxiliary lines and accessory components; perform QC measurement; and formally define criteria for reuse of end-user provided components that have seen wear and tear from operational deployment, and metallurgical changes from hot work, and evaluate physical parts for reuse against these criteria.
  • Design and develop transportation and offshore lifting frames for MPD equipment, including structural analysis and empirical calculations for the frame and lifting sets (slings, shackles and master links). Also perform generation of the load test procedures.
  • Utilize experience performing the following in connection with same: design, analysis and reporting to DNVGL-ST-E271; design, analysis and reporting to DNVGL-ST-E273; and Bentley STAAD.Pro for structural analysis with code checking. Utilize experience in selection and specification of different types of functional coating such as electroless nickel, fluoropolymer, molybdenum disulfide, phosphate coating and QPQ. Utilize experience in 3D CAD software knowledge (such as Solidworks and Autodesk Inventor) for 3D modeling of equipment, preparing component and assembly models.
  • Coordinate with drafting group on preparation of drawings and perform initial engineering drawing check for approval prior to release. Utilize experience in 2D CAD software, Autocad Release 2014 or later. Utilize experience in Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing (GD&T) to perform tolerances stack-up and experience in applying engineering standards and technical specifications including ANSI Y14.5.
  • Utilize experience in generating technical reports, operation and maintenance manuals, analysis reports and lessons learned reports.
  • Utilize experience in generating testing procedures and coordination of testing: including assembly of prototypes, conducting tests and analysis of results, document results, and capturing relevant results in internal and client presentations.
  • Utilize experience in codes and standards applicable with the discipline such as ASTM, ASME, ANSI, API, ISO, DNVGL and ABS standards.
  • Utilize experience in performing project management responsibilities, including identifying risk and mitigation planning; perform day to day running of all aspects of a project, bill of material (BOM) handling, conduct internal project meeting, liaising directly with suppliers and manufacturers, representing company at client meetings and third party meetings with limited support. Utilize experience in manufacturing, assembly and mechanical integration.
  • Utilize experience in the design and selection of seals and seal related components; seals material (Nitrile, EPDM, Silicon and/or Viton); polymers and elastomers (Urethane, Nylon, Hytrel); and fluid compatibility with water based hydraulic fluid.
  • Utilize experience in generating cathodic protection design and calculation based on Recommended Practice DNV-RP-B401 (Cathodic Protection Design) and experience in galvanic continuity checking for MPD equipment.
  • Utilize experience in hydraulic and piping P&ID, creating new diagrams or modifying existing drawings as required. Utilize experience using calculation software such as MATHCAD and Excel Spreadsheets to perform empirical calculations and documenting in a manner suitable for 3rd party review.
  • Utilize experience in steel fabrication and welding.

Education and Experience:

  • Requires related degree, experience and skills


Full Benefits package including Medical, Dental, Vision and Life insurance, as well as 401(k) Retirement plan options. We also offer paid vacation, PTO, holidays and participate in an employee referral program.

  • This job has expired!
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